Meet Our Advisory Board


At Canada Support for Motor Vehicle Accidents (CSMVA), we are fortunate to have a dedicated Advisory Board composed of visionary leaders and experts committed to getting the best outcome for people involved in motor vehicle accidents. Their collective wisdom, diverse backgrounds, and passion for helping guide and inspire us as we strive to serve as a support group and hub for information for people involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Our Advisory Board members generously contribute their time, expertise, and invaluable insights, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of CSMVA to ensure that we stay aligned with our mission. Their support empowers us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people injured in some way because of motor vehicle accidents.

We are honored to introduce you to the esteemed individuals who make up our Advisory Board, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to furthering our cause. Together, we work towards being recognized as the community support group and information hub for all things related to motor vehicle accidents.

Explore the profiles below to learn more about the passionate individuals driving our mission forward.

Inga Tkachenko-Ramage

/ Board Member
My name is Inga Tkachenko, and I am deeply immersed in the field of personal injuries. With over two decades of dedicated experience, I am an entrepreneur on a mission to support those who have suffered from car accidents. My journey began when I arrived in Canada at the age…

Denis Padaroha

/ Board Member
Denis Padaroha is a highly qualified professional with vast experience in Information Technology, security, marketing and communication. Denis has a proven track record of building successful products, setting up efficient communication channels and driving results. With an expertise in different management methodologies and a deep insight into business analysis and…

Siddhant Sehgal

/ Board Member
I am a polymath, specialised generalist, and project management professional passionate about data, impact, research, and strategy. I build/establish and maintain IT products & services, communities and professional digital presence for individuals and brands. Over the past decade I have helped clients in the nonprofit, small and medium scale finance,…

Svetlana Ratnikova

/ Board Member
Svetlana Ratnikova brings a wealth of national and international experience to the company — from entrepreneurial, corporate, recruiting and marketing. With a record of starting and transforming organizations she is skilled at designing winning strategies, identifying new opportunities and mobilizing teams to achieve results. She is a values-driven and passionate…

Stephen Clarke

/ Board Member
Stephen Clarke is the Founder & CEO of RTG Group, a Global Social Enterprise & Creative Agency focusing on helping companies to exceed performance goals while truly Making a Difference in the World. Through Innovative Marketing initiatives RTG (Receiving Through Giving) is delivering Strategic Solutions created with transparency and sustainability…

Sonia Couto

/ Board Member
2x Tech Founder, Award Winner, Podcast Host, Board Member, Mentor, Breast Cancer Survivor As a distinguished figure in the technology sector, Sonia Couto exemplifies the essence of leadership, innovation, and resilience. With a remarkable 18-year tenure in a field often dominated by men, Sonia has not only thrived as a…

Tim Andrews

/ Board Member
Tim Andrews is the Chief Business Development Officer at BridgePoint Financial, Canada’s leading legal finance company that’s founding principle is access to justice in the personal injury space. He leads a sales, marketing and product development team that’s dedicated to an exceptional client experience and positive outcome for individuals, including…

Dr. Sameer Mehta

/ Board Member
Graduated Family Medicine from Michigan State University 2014. Practicing since then in Ontario as a family physician. As a family physician, we see a multitude of medical conditions. Motor Vehicle Accident victims are a large part of that, therefore we work closely with these patients to ensure all aspects of…

Dr. Mike Tung, ND, BScH

/ Board Member
Dr. Mike Tung (he/him) is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, and advocate for improving healthcare. His passion is helping people harmonize the complexities of their stories, because every person’s story is more important than their symptoms. This means that he considers all aspects of health – physical, mental, social, and spiritual.…