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Motor vehicle accidents remain a pressing concern, with rising incidents reported annually. Regrettably, nearly everyone can recount a personal connection to someone impacted by such accidents. Often, the absence of a dedicated expert leaves many Canadians adrift in the aftermath of trauma.

Please use the attached printable Checklist to ensure that you are not missing any step when involved in a car accident.
Keep this Checklist always in your glove compartment together with your car registration and insurance documents.

In case of a car accident, be sure to follow this step-by-step Checklist and record all the necessary information in this Checklist to ensure that you are not missing a critical step.

Click here to download the Checklist
  1. Therapy and Counseling Services: Through our partnerships with local therapists and counseling centers near you that specialize in trauma, post-accident stress, or rehabilitation, we can find a fit for you with one of our vetted therapy and counselling service providers.
  2. Legal Advice and Support: We collaborate with legal professionals who can provide guidance on insurance claims, legal rights, and other related matters that may vastly improve your outcome for financial compensation.
  3. Educational Workshops: We offer workshops in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation on road safety, defensive driving, and coping strategies post-accident.
  4. Peer Support Groups: We hold regular peer support group meetings facilitated by individuals who have experienced motor vehicle accidents themselves, providing a safe space for sharing experiences and coping mechanisms.
  5. Rehabilitation Centers: We have formed a partnership with rehabilitation facilities that specialize in physical therapy and recovery after accidents.
  6. Online Resources and Forums: We have a blog on motor vehicle accidents and curate online platforms .
  7. Community Events: We raise awareness about road safety, in collaboration with local law enforcement or government agencies through our community events.
  8. Guest Speakers and Experts: We have a roster of professionals such as psychologists, trauma specialists, or motivational speakers to share insights and advice.
  9. Financial Planning and Support: We offer guidance or workshops on managing finances post-accident, including dealing with medical bills and insurance claims, through a Certified Financial Planner licensed in your province.
  10. Support Hotlines or Helplines: We have a dedicated phone line and online chat service where individuals can seek immediate support or guidance.
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