The Support Group Event

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I was struck by a car while in my wheelchair crossing a pedestrian lane. 

This traumatic experience was the catalyst for my wife, Veronica, and I to create a not-for-profit organization dedicated to being a support and a hub for information for people who are hurt in a motor vehicle accident. 

As I share my experience with people, no one has yet to say to me that helping people in motor vehicle accidents is not an important mission.

In fact, I often hear that it is about time for an organization such as the CSMVA to help people attain the best outcome from this unfortunate event.

I am pleased to inform you that since the CSMVA launch on January 26, 2024, we have progressed to such an extent that we are now hosting the first ever Support Group Event of the CSMVA. Please reserve your calendar. We would love for you to share this event with us.

At this Support Group Event, we will hear from:

  • Survivors of motor vehicle accidents,
  • Professionals who will offer pro tips on how to get better outcomes physically, emotionally, and financially through litigation and other financial support,
  • Panel of experts and survivors to share best practices and experiences, and
  • Audience open forum.

The Support Group Event is a wonderful opportunity to build our community of people who have a shared belief that people in motor vehicle accidents deserve a better outcome and that they need not be alone in facing the difficult journey back to normalcy.

Date:Friday, April 12, 2024
Where:The Metro Hall, 55 John St. Toronto
When:Door opens at 5:30 PM
Reception and Start time 6:00 PM
Conclusion of the Event: 8:30 PM

Please register today by scanning QR code or clicking link:

Yours truly,

Anthony Florendo